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The Five Elements

PURE’s training philosophy is at the core of everything we do in fitness. The design, layout, equipment selection of our gyms and the education we provide for our ProTraining team are all aligned to create an environment where you can achieve your goals and train in a way that motivates you best. Learning a little about our training philosophies will help you get the most out of your training experience.

Our Training Philosophy is built on 6 Elements for a complete approach to fitness training. We hope you will incorporate all of these into your training as each is an extremely important aspect of reaching your full fitness potential. They are all essential to achieving your personal best!

The Six Elements include: Strength, Mobility, Cardio, Nutrition, Psychology and Recovery

The 6 Elements


We believe in a Growth Mindset and personalised approach. The first step towards any goal is helping your client to set his/her best attitude and effort to accomplish it. Our philosophy starts with a strong foundation in behavioural science, understanding the client’s Goal, Style, and Motivation, using emotional and cognitive reinforcement to support your client’s effort.

We also take a personalised approach to programming, creating programmes that not only match with client’s individual needs and preferences on a physical level but also connects with the client mentally and emotionally.

We will cover this in Module 3 – Understanding Your Client and Module 4 – Training System – Programming.


Helping your client to improve Strength (& Power) is driven by gaining control over the forces within and around him/her. Strength development can be done through both body control and maximal effort.

There are various ways to achieve this – from machine-based exercises and power lifting to free weights and body weight exercises (Integral Strength), just to name a few.

We will cover this in Module 6 – Training System – Strength.


Helping your client to improve mobility includes bettering their range of motion, stability, agility, flexibility and movement skills across all planes of motion.

As a ProPT, you will seek to guide your client in gaining greater control over how his/her body moves in space and perform with athleticism, fluidity, and ease that can translate into their fitness performance and day-to-day wellness.

We will cover this in Module 5 – Training System – Mobility.

Cardio (“ESD”)

Guiding your client to improve his/her cardiovascular systems and metabolism is driven by developing the energy systems that power all motion – from high-intensity short burst explosiveness to long-duration aerobic activity.

Energy System Development (“ESD”) is beneficial in increasing your client’s anaerobic threshold and metabolic efficiency, which also translates to improving fuel efficiency for any activity your client engages in.

We will discuss this in Module 7 – Training System – Cardio (“ESD”).


All training is a stimulus for the body to grow in some way. Recovery is how you help your client to create the environment for his/her body and mind to respond, return to a balanced state and become better.

It includes proper nutrition and rest but also active recovery methods that stimulate repair and regeneration.

One of the important elements of Recovery is intelligent programme design and use of recovery tactics, allowing your client’s body and mind to constantly restore and adapt in new ways as well as proper fuelling and hydration to support muscle repair and growth, enhance adaptation to training and strengthen immune functions.


We believe that a healthy and balanced diet is imperative to achieving health, fitness, and body composition goals.

Your role as a PRoPT also involves helping your client to improve his/her lifestyle choices and adopt healthier eating habits by offering basic nutritional advice.

This will be covered in a separate module designed by PURE Nutrition. We partner up and work closely with our

Nutritionists in providing the best possible integrated solution and service to our clients.